To entrepreneurs interested in driving their own company, to meet financial and personal development goals and requiring moderate levels of investment, Quality Pasta’s IMPRONTA, offers a low risk, quick pay-off and attractive profitability.

– Support to create your own business plan and to select the adequate location based on your expectations and possibilities
– Guidance to procure the equipment, decorate the shop and recruit the right staff, according to the company standards and the municipality rules
– A training course for you and your team in administrative, operations and sales aspects. Including the ordering, reception, preservation, cooking, and exhibiting of the products.
– High-quality products and attractive packaging to the door of your point of sales, according to weekly plans or even unexpected requests
– Help to promote and deliver catering in your area and also to conduct tasting events aimed at promoting your sales and
– Participation in our social media efforts
Finally, we will regularly visit the point of sales to monitor day to day activities and the overall performance, as to jointly design and implement improvement actions when needed.
Empanada is a small pie, with a thin and soft dough filled with different ingredients, to fulfill the preferences of almost any consumer. The standard flavors are beef, chicken, ham&cheese, tuna and vegetables, however, special flavors can be produced upon requests, for instance, to go along with “themes”. The product is healthy, tasteful and also very easy to eat, either at the shop or at home when sold as a takeaway. Empanadas can be considered a whole lunch or dinner, be part of a complete meal acting as an appetizer or even used as a snack. Hence the average serving per adult may vary between 1 to 5 units. Besides soft drinks, empanadas can be paired very well with a glass of beer or wine. Argentinean empanadas are gaining more and more reputation in European countries like Spain, France and the UK as well as in the major cities of the US.
Pastel de nata is a small and sweet cake, originated in Lisbon centuries ago, that is also becoming a “hit” in many of the European capitals like London, Berlin and Madrid.
When designed to perfection, as we do, its golden crunchy in the outside and deliciously creamy in the inside, based on ecologic egg yolks and subtly flavored with vanilla essence.
Pastel de nata is a very good ingredient for a brief and delicious breakfast and the perfect companion for a coffee or a tea after lunch or dinner.
Both products are affordable allowing a repetitive consumption and hence the generation of client loyalty. And they are also versatile products, covering a whole day dietary requirement. In summary, these genuine and well-differentiated products have all the attributes to create a successful business:
– A genuine recipe
– the best ingredients
– excellent taste
– An easy way of eating them and
– A relevant “food-history” behind them
You need to be ready. You need to have time. An enterprising spirit, enjoy relationships with people, value good food, be neat and clean and have a small capital to face the start-up of the point of sale that will include the rental of the premises, its decoration and the purchase of equipment to preserve, bake, display and sell the products. Your project can be a small “take away” or something bigger that also includes a dining room.