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Regular orders will usually be available for pick up at our store half an hour after being placed.
The pick up day and time of catering orders should be agreed before completing the payment with our manager on duty. School orders will be delivered at the agreed points inside the schools, the agreed days and at the agreed schedule. School orders can only be placed for selected schools in the Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen areas, available in the drop-down list.

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In case of damage to the order packaging or if you find wrong quantities or flavors or hidden damage to the product itself, contact IMPRONTA at +45 22 20 01 63 or by mail at: impronta.dk@gmail.com) as soon as possible and within a reasonable timeframe. Whenever possible we ask you to take and send pictures to the above-provided e-mail address and to keep the packaging and damaged items as proof and documentation of the damage. You should inform IMPRONTA as soon as possible if there are any issues with the condition of your order and preferably before 12:00 midday on the next working day to enable us to quickly and efficiently deal with your issue. You should refuse receipt of the delivery if the damage to the product is obvious on delivery and then contact IMPRONTA as soon as possible to agree on the next steps and action to be taken.
Deliveries will just be made to schools where they can be signed for by the responsible food coordinator (i.e. a member of the parent’s committee).  If the order is delivered without a signed receipt then the liability is entirely the customers. If the responsible food coordinator is not present on delivery then IMPRONTA or the delivery company will retain the delivery and return to IMPRONTA unless something else has been agreed in writing.

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The cost of delivery is included in the cost of the products.

[/ra_content_box][ra_content_box style=”s13″ title=”Price and Payment”]

All prices are including moms (VAT) and other duties and taxes and are the current prices.
When you shop with IMPRONTA you can make agreements in English or Danish.
You can order your products online and pay by Visa and Mastercard with no additional fees. The amount is first withdrawn from your account when your order has been dispatched. There can never be a larger amount of money withdrawn than the cost of the order you have agreed to.
Paying by credit card usually includes an insurance against fraud and the possibility to refuse payment when you get a payment statement (see card issuers terms and conditions). IMPRONTA has no access to your payment details or personal data. All data is encrypted (SSL).
The payment will show up as IMPRONTA on your statement.

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In addition to the delivery terms and conditions are the following also valid:

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When you have placed an order you will receive an order confirmation by email where an itemized list of products is included.

[/ra_content_box][ra_content_box style=”s13″ title=”Cancellation or Return of Order”]

Besides the delivery terms and conditions mentioned the delivery can not be returned.

[/ra_content_box][ra_content_box style=”s13″ title=”Claims”]

If you wish to make a claim on a product then you should start the process by contacting IMPRONTA. IMPRONTA abide by the trading laws for claims in conjunction with your purchase.It is a criteria that the claim is valid and that the defect has not occurred as a result of incorrect use or storage of the product by the customer. Any claim should be made within a reasonable time of receiving the product. The defect product should be presented to:
Strandvejen 163
2900 Hellerup

[/ra_content_box][ra_content_box style=”s13″ title=”Right to Reconsider Webshop Order”]

Being the products sold through this website fresh food and produced without the use of artificial preservatives, IMPRONTA cannot accept any return

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