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At IMPRONTA, we produce and serve high-quality and authentic food. Our two main products are Argentinean Empanadas and Portuguese Pasteis de Nata, two popular foods associated with comfort and cultural roots. We prepare them daily, using organic ingredients and following original recipes. Our products are always right off the oven, ensuring the best experience all day long.

Born two years ago, IMPRONTA is a young and vibrant company, with a professional and friendly team and a strong reputation in the community. Either at home or at the shop, for a quick snack or a complete catering, in summer or winter, locals and expats of all ages, enjoy our meals and our service.

The passion and flexibility being a family-owned business bring, combined with the professionalism and efficiency typical of a larger enterprise, is the key to our success. We hope to continue growing and having you as our guests for many more years. Welcome to IMPRONTA!

María, Romeu & Eduardo

The founders

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